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A look behind the scenes

Making websites can be more complex than you might think. A lot of thought, planning and work goes into making a great website.

Here's a look at how a couple of recent projects came to be.


Website redesign and development

A chance encounter

It’s funny how things can work out. Root Digital was started with a clear goal in mind - to offer North Devon businesses exceptional web design services at affordable prices. Yet our first site out of the gates was for an iOS app development studio based in Leicester!

GoVJ is an iOS app that allows users to mix video to music, using their iPhone or iPad. Intrigued by the app, we connected with the app creator over Twitter and the rest as they say, is history.

How we helped

The website that we were replacing was originally created using a Wordpress theme, which at the time, served its purpose as a quick way of getting a website when time was tight (launching an app is a lot of work!). The issue was that the website content was “shoe-horned” into the theme, sort of like filling in the blanks, meaning that a lot of creative freedom was lost.

Moving away from this, we had the opportunity to reconsider the whole website from end to end. A core objective was to make it as easy as possible for people to download the app, regardless of where they are in the website. Another was to encourage email signups in order to assist with promoting new features as they launch over time. We considered the core areas of functionality within the app that we should pitch to the user and conveyed this through engaging imagery, videos and a narrative that gently leads the user to discover how the app can be of use to them.

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"Thrilled with my new website! As an app developer, I’m someone who could probably have made their own website. Instead, I chose to stay focused on running my business and left the website design and development to Dave from Root Digital. Deep down, I knew that if I had tried to take it on myself, it would have turned into a rushed job due to the many demands on my time. Dave brought a whole new perspective to our website and I’m absolutely delighted with the result."

David Wood

Owner, GoVJ

South Molton Transport

Website & logo design and development

A natural next step for a growing business

South Molton Transport are a local haulage firm that have been in business since the early 1980’s, successfully growing their fleet to over 20 vehicles. Over time, the business has naturally evolved beyond road haulage services, offering an array of plant items for hire and operating a comprehensive vehicle servicing station. Being well presented online was a natural next step for the business.

How we helped

Our solution was designed to appeal to two sets of users. Firstly, local individuals looking for small, one time deliveries, a few tonnes of sand for a home renovation, for example. The second, people in business, researching the company with a view to engaging its services on a long term basis. It was important that we conveyed a message of capability and resource through narrative and imagery to satisfy users who are in the stages of researching the company, while also providing a clear and simple way to get in touch for users who are seeking quotes for deliveries.

Logo design

We wanted to create a simple, yet effective logo that gives the company a clean and crisp appearance.

As part of the developing the logo, we explored a range of colours that could be used to form the logo. This process was also fundamental in developing the website's colour scheme. If the user were to first encounter the business through its logo on a business card or on the side of a vehicle, the colours used on the website would feel like a natural flow from that, creating a sense of consistency and attention to detail, which reflects well on both the website and the company as a whole.

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